Accounting Services for Forestry and Timber

Axley & Rode has vast experience working with clients in the forestry industry and has made it a priority to help clients understand the complicated tax issues surrounding timber. Our experienced team can keep you updated on all timber-related law changes and ensure that you are optimizing your tax situation.

Due to its nature, timber as a business venture has a very long investment period, and trees take time to mature and provide income through logging. However, while the trees are growing, you may still incur annual costs, which means you may have no profits from your timber business while sustaining significant losses through expense. This unusual circumstance is one of the reasons to have an experienced accountant from Axley & Rode on your team.

We can assist you with the following timber-related issues:

  • Casualty losses on timber
  • Classifying timber as personal, investment, or business property
  • Conservation easements
  • Deduction of timber management expenses
  • Depreciation, bonus depreciation, and first-year expensing
  • Income averaging for farmers
  • Installment sales
  • Reforestation tax incentives
  • Section 1031 exchanges
  • Tax treatment of cost-share payments

The timber industry is a vital part of our economy, and Axley & Rode has provided the support that foresters, landowners, and investors need to maximize their timber income.

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